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Sketch a Day! :3 [12 Dec 2008|11:34am]

[ mood | motivated ]

It's the time of year that, for most people, means eating way too much, breaking the bank with buying presents for people who will eventually re-gift them, and thinking up resolutions that they'll end up breaking in a month.

This year is going to be different.

This year is going to be the year of art.

This year, I'm going to draw at least one thing a day. It won't necessarily be the most wonderful thing I've ever done (and, most likely, it won't be very good), but I'm going to do it...starting now.

Art for 12 December, 2008Collapse )

I'm waiting at the fountain...

Wow [16 Jul 2008|10:33am]

[ mood | soooo sleepy...-_-zzZzz ]

It's been...over a year since my last update. To be quite honest, I had forgotten all about this section of my LJ - but...I'm working on some new things, and hopefully I'll be able to get them up soon. :3

I'm waiting at the fountain...

Art Post [23 May 2007|11:41am]

[ mood | full ]

Theme: Sunsets

Gulf -- WallpaperCollapse )

Gulf 2Collapse )

Firenze 1Collapse )

Firenze 2Collapse )

From the Porch 1Collapse )

From the Porch 2Collapse )

JCPenneysCollapse )

I'm waiting at the fountain...

Art Post [23 May 2007|11:36am]

[ mood | creative ]

Ghost of an ExistenceCollapse )

Tea and SympathyCollapse )

SparklerCollapse )

GabriellaCollapse )

Santa Maria Del FioreCollapse )

Street SceneCollapse )

Temple of Antonio & FaustinaCollapse )

I'm waiting at the fountain...

Obligatory first-post bullshit. [23 May 2007|10:15am]

[ mood | pensive ]

First post of the community, so I'll go ahead and start with an introduction.

My name is Grey. I am a 20-year-old with an affinity for art, music, and literature. I'm obscene, crass, sarcastic, cynical, and gay (but only on weekends and alternating Thursdays).

I love to travel, and a lot of the photography that I'm going to be posting is from the various places that I've been.

...I believe that sentence has all three tenses in it. HM.

Weapons of choice:
-Nikon 8008 (...which HOPEFULLY will change to a Canon...something)
-india ink
-Mr. Sketch scented ♥♥
-white out

I will update this if anything changes, and I'll try my best to use tags to make everything easier to go through.

I think that's all the standard information...see you when I post next!

I'm waiting at the fountain...

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